July 8, 2015

Microsoft Offering $500K Bonus To HoloLens Developers

Microsoft is working on a new marvelous development of “Hololens technology”. Microsoft will be offering different researchers all over the world to get chances. But the most break through chance it offers is for the HoloLens developers this year with a new program that will award funding to one who will add the new development in it.

Microsoft will pick “approximately 5” proposals and will give the best researchers a grant of $100,000 plus two HoloLens development kits, as this development will help Microsoft to resolve the matters of data visualization, interactive art and new teaching tools.

Microsoft is not trying to transport you to a different world instead it is trying to add the wonders of computer directly into the one you are living. HoloLens presents the wearer with HD holograms that integrate with the real world that will bring tremendous reforms to the world of science and technology.

The company puts out a request for proposals that will help “to better understand the role of possible application for Holographic development computing in the society”. As for now the program is only for researchers available in the U.S who works at an institute that is non-profitable, granting university, or an institute.

Researchers must give detailed information that their institute is capable to pull off such mega projects or not. It must be obligatory for the project holders that their project must be publicly available to the Microsoft. Microsoft will give special priority to the proposals coming from the team work. Team work deliberation and the personal keen interest in the HoloLens technology must be demanded from the project holders.

Though working with academic institutions is not a new matter for HoloLens team and it has been collaborating with an intellectual group at “Western Reserve University” to develop new Holographic teaching tools.

With the intellectual efforts and interest we can show to the world a detailed look at a development of HoloLens technology. It unlocks all new ways to create communications, work and even play.

Most notably submissions will close on 5th September, and then a Microsoft internal review board will choose the best one whom it wants to work with. They will announce the awards on 6th October.

The company has signed different partners especially including the great NASA, which has announced their new project of HoloLens heading towards international space last month as a part of stationed program that helps as part of a pilot program to test a system that will instruct astronauts in complex tasks.

No doubt, it is one of the best opportunity for those who have interest and ideas to take a closer look at the HoloLens and should help Microsoft get a clearer view of where it can go with its exciting technology.

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