Microsoft Launched Scroogled Campaign Against Google Chromebooks


Marketing campaign by Microsoft Scroogled, directed against his influential rival Google, has been operating for several months now. The latest initiative, Microsoft has decided to draw public attention to the shortcomings Chromebooks – Netbooks running cloud platform Google Chrome OS.

At a special resource, the company published a video that points to the futility of Chromebooks when not connected Wi-Fi, as well as the fact that Google looks at all the information users to earn advertising. The video even says that these devices are not laptops, because they do not run under Windows. Quite a bold statement – then you have to accept that and MacBook laptops are not.

In addition, the resource even provides a number of arguments against the Chromebooks. First of all, Microsoft says that most of the applications Chrome OS is in the cloud, so that in the absence of access to the Internet can neither run movies, nor print or edit calendar and so on. Microsoft advises the people instead to stay always online or just stay away from Chrome OS.

Also explaining the privacy, Google reads your Gmails and Gchats to target you with Ads. Chromebook is designed so that Google can gather more of your data.

In addition, the Redmond giant indicates the limited entertainment options Chrome OS – for advanced games like Call of Duty, Xbox SmartGlass functions and Miracast have to forget; functional applications like Skype, iTunes, Photoshop (the more available offline). Microsoft has not forgotten about the lackness of Chromebooks like DVD or CD. Chrome OS can’t connect directly to most scanners. Also it can’t sync with Camera software and is incompatible with some file types and file extensions.

Chrome OS, as reminiscent of Microsoft, is not able to connect directly to most printers, scanners, can not synchronize with many smartphones, mp3-players, cameras and other peripherals, the work that is the norm on Windows-based systems.

Another important drawback of Google cloud platform from Microsoft marketers consider the lack of opportunities install Office – the company notes that Chromebooks can provide a cheap imitation Office, which is limited in functionality and unable to provide full compatibility with Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. Finally, Microsoft announced that Chromebooks are not protected by these devices are rigidly tied to cloud services, Google, which collect information about users for targeted advertising, looking, for example, the contents of Gmail messages or chats.

Of course, Microsoft has not passed and the issue price Chromebooks – the company stressed that the market there are many Windows-laptops, the cost of which is $ 250 or even less, and the possibilities and specifications they noticeably richer. An example was given of Gateway LT41P04u, ASUS X401U and Toshiba Satellite C55.

Usually promotions companies prefer to emphasize the strengths of their products rather than competing drawbacks. However, this is not the rule – Microsoft can agree or disagree with arguments, but the company has paid close attention to the Chrome OS, and it can be a sign that Redmond fear the growing popularity of cloud platforms for Google, which can be for undemanding users a cheap substitute for Windows- systems. When you are not connected to internet, you can’t print documents or anything at all via printers, so in order to print you must use a PC or Mac computer or laptop.

By the way, Microsoft recently launched a special section of the store, where it proposed to buy caps, mugs and T-shirts against Google, on that last answer is pretty clever marketing gesture.