Microsoft is Preparing a Global Reorganization


The Microsoft Corporation intends to change in order to keep its leading position in the market of search engines and in the world of PC’s.
Anonymous sources at Microsoft have reported that in the coming Thursday, July 11, Microsoft Chief Executive Officer Steve Ballmer announced the long overdue strategic reorganization at Microsoft. According to sources, the major shake-up in the company will be focused around services (including online software) and hardware solutions from both the corporate and consumer sectors.

The essence of the reorganization is to ensure that the PC market is already at the twilight of its development and “packaged” software for desktop computers, where Microsoft earned its billions, but are no longer trend. And if Microsoft does not want to get stuck at the beginning of the post-PC era, it will also need to be changed.

CEO Microsoft is now almost a full-time paid “Global Restructuring”, as well as the displacement of the central balance of power in the company. It is reported that the task of re-concentrated Ballmer is Microsoft with the software on the market of devices and services.

Ballmer has already laid the foundations of the restructuring last year, when the company sent a letter to all shareholders, in which he said that Microsoft “opens up a genuinely new era” for themselves and their clients. In the same letter he stressed the crucial role of the high internet services in the future of the corporation. He noted that Windows and Office are still central products, but their functions, methods and appearance change significantly.

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