Microsoft Has Improved the Security of its Users Accounts


Microsoft last week announced its intention to strengthen the encryption in their online services, and the company has now reported to provide users with an account Microsoft, new ways to protect their information from third parties.

Many companies are offering these services to improve user privacy and prevent third party interference of stealing personal information.

Microsoft account used to access the various services, including, SkyDrive and Xbox Live. According to the company, now the user will see all recent account activity.

“As shown in the picture, this page displays the various activities, including both successful and unsuccessful logins services, add and delete information about security, and much more. For each activity, we will show what device and the browser was used, and where the request was made – this will be accompanied by a small card from our friends at Bing. If you notice something suspicious, click “This wasn’t me” (“It was not me”), it will help you to take the necessary measures to protect your account, “- said in a statement Microsoft.

Users with accounts Microsoft, who access your account via two-factor authentication can establish a secure recovery code in case they will not have access to phone or email.

In addition, users can now choose a place where to send as e-mails and text messages from your mobile phone.