July 14, 2013

Microsoft has launched a project to support "Smart Cities"

Microsoft is always trying to get something innovative for the public. The project allows CityNext ecosystem solutions from Microsoft partners to optimize the system of public services.

Microsoft has launched a global project CityNext, to help in developing the so-called "smart" cities, "said the conference Worldwide Partner Conference Microsoft's vice president Laura Ipsen.

According to her, CityNext allows the use of an ecosystem of solutions from Microsoft partners to optimize the system of public services, water and electricity cities, building and planning, transportation systems, public safety. In addition, technological solutions of the project can be used for the development of tourism infrastructure, education and health care.

The project includes a "cloud" services, devices, and software to work, a platform for handling large amounts of data. "These innovations will allow government agencies, businesses and residents freely share important information," - said in a Microsoft.

Several cities have already expressed their willingness to cooperate with Microsoft and its partners in the CityNext. These include Moscow (Russia), Barcelona (Spain), Buenos Aires (Argentina), Manchester (UK), Philadelphia (USA), Auckland (New Zealand), Hainan Province and the city of Zhengzhou (China) and Hamburg (Germany) . Thus, in Barcelona is already running platform Open Data, which houses information about the city, you can track changes in population or other indicators in real time.

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