Microsoft Followed Apple and Facebook a Cyberattack Announced


According to the Microsoft, some Corporations computers were infected with malware. IT team has been launched to cater against the Cyber Attack. In addition, Assured as Microsoft, an Indication of Damage to or Theft of Data customers are not there.

A Software Company Microsoft Followed Apple and Facebook Social Network said on Friday That “Recent” Cyber Attack on ITS computers, Reports on Saturday night at the Agency Reuters .

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“These cyber attacks are not surprising for Microsoft and other companies that are struggling with determined and persistent hackers” – said the representative of the Microsoft Matt Tomlinson (Matt Thomlinson).

At the end of January – beginning of February on the facts of unauthorized access to your internal servers reported a number of American companies, institutions and the media, such as newspapers New York Times, Washington Post and Wall Street Journal, the company Apple, Facebook and Twitter, as well as Several Ministries and Agencies. In the Cyber Attacks Against the Media have us Accused Chinese hackers. The Chinese Authorities have Called the charges baseless.

Previously, the Agency Associated Press , citing sources ITS Own, Reported That the us Government Would Consider the Possibility of Trade Sanctions Against China if IT is Confirmed That Cyber Attacks on us companies and Institutions are Carried out with the Official Support of Beijing.