May 10, 2016

Microsoft Edge now equipped with Adblock and Adblock plus extensions

The most awaited feature of add-ons is now available for Microsoft Edge browser. Finally, Microsoft has officially released the extensions to Windows Store. The first extensions that are made available for the browser are Adblock and Adblock plus. Microsoft insiders can now enjoy the most attractive features of blocking ads on their Edge browser.

Before the release of Windows 10, it was thought that Microsoft Edge browser will come with built-in ad blocking features, but it was not true. These rumours were due to Microsoft’s inability to communicate properly.

Adblock Plus with Microsoft Edge

This feature is now added due to the huge number of requests from the users. Now, you can finally enjoy Ad blocking on Microsoft Edge. This feature is available in Chrome and Firefox from a long time ago, but now Microsoft decided to increase their market share, and that is why this feature is being introduced.

Adblock and Adblock Plus are both available on Windows Store and can be downloaded from there. Downloading and installing process is as easy as downloading and installing an application.

Microsoft started testing these extensions in March and is now giving its users the option to control which ads to see. Both Adblock and Adblock Plus are available free of charge on Windows store and have gotten excellent reviews in just a few days after the release. Adblock – which is very famous with Chrome has managed to get 4.3 rating out of 5 and Adblock Plus – has gotten an even better rating of 4.6 out of 5.

Both Adblock and Adblock plus extensions are missing some features right now. For example, you cannot add websites to whitelist directly from the extension’s page action. However, these features will be made available when the extensions are released for public.

At the moment, these extensions are available only for the preview version of Windows 10; the full version is not out yet. Microsoft has not yet announced when these extensions will be available for public, but it is expected to release later this summer.

People who were waiting for this update can now finally jump to Microsoft Edge browsers. Although Die hard users of Chrome and Firefox are not going to jump only because this feature is available, it will take the time to capture the market share for Microsoft Edge. However, it is clear that after this update, people will more likely give Edge a chance.

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