July 21, 2014

Microsoft decided to abandon the production of Nokia X

As part of its major restructuring plans, as announced on Thursday, Microsoft will gradually reduce its production of smartphones based on Google Android in favor of more affordable devices Lumia, in order to attract more customers, and focus on emerging markets. In addition, Microsoft announced plans to focus on producing the same or more expensive smartphones and fight against the Apple iPhone and Samsung Galaxy S.

"We are planning to go on with the Nokia X products Lumia running Windows," said Satya Nadella, CEO of Microsoft. "We build on our success in the segment of affordable smartphones and is equal to the universal model."

Nokia Corporation originally developed its X smartphones based on a heavily modified version of Google Android operating system in an attempt to better compete in markets where Android system is more popular than Windows Phone from Microsoft. Nokia X comes with many predefined services from Microsoft, which should attract new customers by the software giant. At the same time, Nokia X Launches App for Android and applications running Windows, forcing Microsoft to worry.

Due to the fact that Microsoft has full control platform Windows, the real user experience with an inexpensive Lumia can be better compared to using smartphone platform Nokia X. Nevertheless, the decision to withdraw from the Android-making will obviously cost Microsoft a part of the sale.

In addition, Mr. Nadella said that from now the company will develop its smartphones in accordance with its strategic directions. In addition, he promised to ensure that the flagship Lumia became an innovative device as their main competitors, Apple iPhone and Samsung Galaxy S.

"The first batch of smartphones from Microsoft will be consistent with the strategic direction of the company", - said Mr. Nadella. "To win in the higher price categories, we will focus on breakthrough innovations that expresses and animates the work of Microsoft and our life experiences."

Yesterday Microsoft announced to renounce its Nokia X phone. In their announcement Microsoft didn’t revealed about the news that whether the company is permanently going to cut off its work for the production of Nokia X or this is a temporary decision.

Nokia X was a Microsoft’s upcoming generation, which was aimed to be like android smartphones having Microsoft windows phones features like outlook and Skype etc giving their users a smartphone experience on cheap prices.

Nokia X wasn’t the only invention of Microsoft instead Microsoft has number of other projects underwent. Microsoft had contracted to allow two Indian device makers to make dual-boot, Android-Windows handsets. Huawei also said to build similar device for United states market.

Yesterday, Microsoft didn’t unveiled the details about plans. And didn't said anything about whether Microsoft was giving up Android or only the Nokia X line.

This decision to give up with Nokia X is a important back step of what Nokia was expecting along with Microsoft for Nokia X.

Microsoft have genuinely felt that way in April 2014 but that was not what Microsoft has decided now. Still the company is going to release office with android support. But after giving up with Nokia X, Microsoft seems to end up the android experiments.

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