Microsoft confirmed some fears players on Xbox One


A relatively new gaming system, Microsoft was feared before the public learned the official name of the Xbox One. The players were worried about the rumors about the limitations of used games, online connection requirements and privacy issues. During startup of the Microsoft console almost failed to provide answers to these burning questions, but now decided to open details, resulting in a gaming community can understand that many unkind hunches were fair, while others were unjustified.

Microsoft confirmed that for the functioning of the primary console user must be every 12:0 am connect to the Internet, will complicate the lives of very many players. If you went with your account to someone else’s system, then play in offline mode, it can only have one hour.However, Microsoft have generously allowed after exhaustion of the time periods to view TV, Blu-ray and DVD.

Do not forget that the Xbox One is created with an eye to the games aggressively using cloud resources to improve game worlds, and such projects may require an online connection for operating all the time (Microsoft has already established a network of 300 000 Xbox Live servers and Windows Azure, which will help developers to create games that use online services). Microsoft recommends for optimal gaming environment on the Internet connection speed of at least 1.5 Mbps, underlining that the average Internet speed in the world — 2.9 Mbps.

The game things will be as follows. All games will be available for purchase online, but to acquire projects will remain on the disk. You can always download activated games from the Internet, even having lost the disk. As a result of someone else’s Xbox system One user via your account can access the entire catalog of games and with a faster connection almost immediately begin playing (to run the game you want to download only the required files).

To the user at his own games console can be accessed by all members of the family and guests without exception. Appeared and interesting feature: Player 10 family members can provide online access to their catalogue of games (obviously this is a special list of “family members” in the Xbox account), without losing the opportunity to play their games. One limitation: in addition to the player himself at his catalog of games on other consoles Xbox One can use only one member of the “family”.

Discs with games you will be giving to friends. But there are some very serious limitations. First, the drive can run at its console only from friends, which is the owner of online games over 30 days. Secondly, each individual game can be played only once.

Finally, regarding the sale of old games on the discs. Today there is the so-called secondary market, where you can buy at the lower price second-hand game discs. Now it will become much harder. Microsoft said that the opportunity to resell the game publishers will depend entirely on the Xbox: One allows you to deny the resale of games and allow it (Microsoft does not intend to charge any money from pereprodavaemyh games). The Microsoft Studios promises that its published games will support reselling through a special program (you can sell through retail chains that have entered into an agreement with Microsoft). Third-party publishers, however, as noted, are free to prohibit the resale of their projects.

Many are concerned that bundled with the Xbox Kinect sensor comes One (3D camera). Microsoft notes: the user during the configuration of the console to indicate that this is going to listen and see the sensor. When the Xbox is turned on, One simple conversation in a room is not recorded and is not sent to Microsoft. If the user does not want Kinect worked, he can put it on pause. When the console is turned off, the Kinect recognizes only one spoken command the “Xbox Live”, but it can be disabled. Of course, when the Kinect is not active, some applications and games created with target sensor would be unworkable.

Kinect is known, can record voice, pictures, video, capture movements, heartbeats, facial expression, but all this information without your permission will not be confined to the limits of the Xbox One. Microsoft promises that the console will include alternative management: when you disable interaction with the Kinect console can be carried out using the remote controller, or Smartphone instead of voice commands and gestures.

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These are the current Microsoft regulations concerning licensing, Internet games and Kinect. However, as noted by the company, they may change over time based on feedback from users.

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