October 26, 2013

Microsoft Capitalization Exceeded $300 Billion

Microsoft capitalization & shares at the beginning of the trading session on October 25 rose by more than six percent, which enabled the company's capitalization to rise above $300 billion. For comparison, Apple is worth 483 Billion Dollars, and Google - 342 Billion Dollars.

Microsoft capitalization details

One share of Microsoft is October 25th just crossed over 36 dollars. Above this level of securities rose only a few times in its history. Last for a short time it was in July 2013. $ 37 mark in the campaign "break through" in 2007 on the eve of the crisis. During the so-called "Dotcom Bubble" at the turn of the century securities Microsoft cost 50 dollars or more apiece.

Microsoft capitalization for future benefits

Investors have started to buy more shares of Microsoft in pre-market trading (time until the opening exchanges). The reason for this was the publication of the financial statement of the company from which it was found out that the company's net income for the quarter was $ 5.2 billion (62 cents per share), up 17 percent from a year earlier. Microsoft's revenue totaled $ 18.5 billion, with an increase of 16 percent and reaching a new record. Analysts polled by Reuters , had expected a more modest result for profit - about 54 cents per security.

The sharp increase in shares of Microsoft stock shows that investors are "forgotten" about buying the Microsoft's cellular assets of the Finnish Nokia, which was announced in early September. Then the news caused the collapse of Microsoft quotations below $ 32 dollars.

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