November 23, 2015

Microsoft brings Xbox Beta App on window 10

Microsoft has a trend of testing its applications and features through the feedback of users. This includes Office and new versions of Windows as well. Microsoft is continuing its trend by giving the priority to its users and bridging the gaps between audience and the company. How Microsoft manages all this?? The answer to this question is availability of Beta versions of the applications.

Beta Version

A beta version of any software is its version that is made available to end-users before the final release of the product. With the beta versions end-users serves as testers for the App. The users use the software and give their feedback and requests what they want to be added, which in turns help improve the application. As beta version is not the final version of the product it may have bugs or even may not work properly, that’s why it comes with the label of “USE IT AT YOUR OWN RISK”. On the other hand it is a very great gesture from the companies to prioritize users demand and come up with the products that meet users demand.

Xbox Beta App on Window 10

After the widespread availability of Window 10 now Microsoft has decided to run separate test for the Xbox App. Microsoft has promised the availability of Xbox Beta App later on this month. This is going to be done in the same way Xbox One hit the masses and took their valuable response. It will facilitate the users to give their feedback and the by utilizing it, further enhancements would be done. It will add the new OS to have the best of all features. Microsoft is inviting the gamers to come forward and get benefit from the Beta version. The Beta version will offer the users to have a complete preview of the features and updates that will be available later in the final product.

The version is not only intended to let the end-users to have an early preview , but to also handle the sensitive problems like online gaming and achieving major accomplishments gradually.


Microsoft has not release the date yet and have not said much about the features yet. Some of the expected features that will be the part of Beta version are listed below.

  • Xbox live community

Beta version will bring the game players more closer and will allow them to share their experiences as well. The users will be capable of seeing each other, send messages and see the video clips related to games.

  • Party Chat

It will also let the users to chat with each other and play the multiplayer games like Gigantic and Fabel Legend.

  • Xbox to PC game streaming

Microsoft has already given the feature of stream between window10 PC and Xbox One console. It is probably be the part of Beta version as well.

  • Over-the-air DVR

This feature will let the users record the broadcast of channels completely free without a TV cable subscription.


Xbox Beta is exclusive for some members. Other users can be the part of building Xbox by installing Beta App for free from Window store without the need of Sign Up for the preview and also on most of the Window 10 PC’s. For getting the final Xbox get yourself enrolled by the end of month.


The goal behind the launch of beta version is to give users the prime importance. As their input will be taken at early stages that will help the developers improve the final product. As it will allow the user to test before the general public, so by the end benefits and the best App will be provided to all.


Written by: Sidra Aleem, Image Credit:
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