November 10, 2013

Microsoft Accidentally Advertise the Game on the PlayStation 4

Microsoft has accidentally advertised multiplatform game Watch Dogs on the PlayStation 4, according to CNet . Video appeared on the official Xbox channel on YouTube for quite some time, but only now people have found a mistake. People are also denying this incident really happened, even some people are reporting that this news is just a fake information.

It is alleged that one of the official of the game from Ubisoft intended to show it on the PlayStation 4, but not on the Xbox One. As a result, Microsoft has removed this video with its account Xbox.

Image Credits: CNET

As suggested by the publication, Ubisoft has provided Microsoft and Sony the same video, because of what the error occurred. For a company like Ubisoft doing a mistake like this is seem to be a very tough thing, but I wonder that Microsoft uploaded this video on Youtube without noticing or realising the content of video. This is pretty odd looking scenario to me personally. Well God knows whats the truth in this, but Reddit user found the link for the Youtube Video which is now removed.

PlayStation 4 will go on sale Nov. 15, Xbox One will be released on November 22.

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