January 3, 2014

Microsoft has Accelerated Tablet Surface Pro 2

Microsoft has updated the second generation of tablet PCs Surface Pro. The device, which was released two months ago, has a new processor.

Model Surface Pro 2 is now sold with a chip Intel Core i5 4300 1.9 GHz (Turbo Boost mode can reach 2.5 GHz), whereas before "under the hood" located processor Intel Core i5 4200U, whose frequency was 1.6 GHz.


Upgraded tablet sold without an official announcement from Microsoft, but the U.S. company confirmed the transition to improved chip.

"Over the lifetime of the product on the market Microsoft regularly makes small changes in the internal components based on various factors, such as partnerships, availability of certain components and the importance of products to our customers", - quotes the representative of a software corporation edition CNET.


In Surface Pro 2 the only change is of processor. Let us remind you that it was the chip Core i5 fourth generation tablet has become the main difference from its predecessor. Due to the updated hardware device basis proved 75% more energy efficient. It also set up to 8 GB of RAM and 512 GB of internal memory.

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