December 8, 2013

Microsoft: 106 Security Updates for 2013

As representatives of Microsoft, next Tuesday will release latter this year security updates that complete annual cycle correction.

This year, given the 11 ballots that the software giant is preparing to release with the upcoming Tuesday, the total number of patches to reach 106.

According to the analyst Wolfgang Kandek, which is in charge of monitoring the annual number of updates from Microsoft, that this year the total number of patches reaches 106, proves that the developers in Redmond throughout the year paid close attention to security issues and successfully eliminated wrong. These includes the patch fixing, driver updates and software updates.

According to experts, in the past year, Microsoft has released only 83 newsletter, and 106 were similar to those presented in 2010.

Despite the fact that for many users, a growing number of patches may mean that produce products contain a lot of vulnerabilities, expert claims that in the first place, the increase in number of patches is a rapid response to the existing holes from the company. Now the future updates will not be available for Windows XP as Microsoft has announced that they will stop the support and updates for Windows XP from April 2014.

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