February 17, 2014

Microprocessors Intel Core i7-4702EC, i7-4700EC and i5-4402EC

In 2014, the hardware manufacturing company Intel planned to release several microprocessors for embedded systems, including models such as the Celeron 2002E and 2000E. For this quarter, Intel will release modification called Xeon E5-2524L v2. In addition, there will be a new line of Intel microprocessors Core i7-4700EC, i5-4402EC and i7-4702EC.

Some internet resources revealed some details about the last 3 modifications. They will be released in the case of this type as BGA. They are all built on the basis of Haswell. According to rumors, the frequencies at which the function will be Core i7-4702EC and i7-4700EC, equal to 2 GHz and 2.7 GHz. Microprocessors will have four cores with support for Hyper-Threading. Like many other modifications series Core i7-4xx2 is based on Haswell, Chips Core i7-4702EC, are likely to be more energy efficient than a model called i7-4700EC.

Regarding the second processor - Core i5-4402EC, data clocked at the moment is getting too contradictory in one place specified frequency 2.5 GHz, and the other contains - 1.6 GHz (core) and 2.7 GHz (Max Turbo Boost). Microchip has 3 MB flash-memory, and third level, as well as two cores. By the way, it also supports Hyper-Threading. Controller embedded in it, is designed for operation with DDR3-1600 memory, TDP is specified - 25 watts.

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