March 20, 2014

MediaTek claims its better than Qualcomm

MediaTek is currently said to be the second-largest supplier of mobile chips and this Taiwanese manufacturer seems to be getting more aggressive day by day. In a recent video interview, the Chief Financial Officer David Ku of MediaTek reported that the company is ready to compete in all market segments, including high-end.
Ku said for Mobile World, the company currently has the technology and economic advantage over Qualcomm, which is currently known as the largest manufacturer of mobile chips. He said that MediaTek is an innovative company and very productive work, referring to the deployment of eight-MT6592 as a good example. The chip was developed in record time and as MediaTek used its ready technology, the cost of its development was low.
Nevertheless, the eight-core chips are cheap just part of the story, a sideshow. MediaTek lays great hope for LTE, along with new 64-bit chips. Ku indicates that in 2014 to be set for a big change MediaTek, as the company will move from 3G to 4G, and a 32-bit to 64-bit kernel.
"We've had 4G R & D for several years, but we kept it in the shade until we are ready for them," said Ku.
MediaTek also plans to expand its influence in the tablet market, and is also working on wearable technology and home automation technologies.
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