Maxis: SimCity Trying to Create Offline Mode


Maxis studio is trying to add to the town-planning simulator SimCity for offline mode. This was mentioned in the official blog of the company and stated by the General Manager of Maxis Patrick Buechner. So far it was only possible to play the game online being updating the queries to server and updating the records.

According to the GM, the studio have hired some game developers and also created a special internal team, which now deals exclusively with the fact that developing ways to add a new mode to the game. However, in the meantime developers are not ready to announce when it will happen.

As noted by Buechner, the emergence of this regime should make life easier for those gamers who want to play the game without connecting to the internet. He also added that this opportunity will provide greater creative freedom to developers of modifications that can not be created by playing in multiplayer online game.

Simcity Screenshot

GM Maxis also announced that the company is not going to increase the size of the cities in the game. He said that Maxis has taken into account the wishes of the players who wanted to build a big city, instead of doing the region with several small towns. However, after several months of development studio came to the conclusion that it is technically impossible, as if to increase the area of ​​the city, most gamers will not be able to download SimCity, not to mention how to start playing it. Buechner explained the restrictions caused by the capabilities of the engine, which made town-planning simulator.

SimCity Game went on sale in March. The game requires a constant connection to the Internet, as the basic unit there is not a city but a region where there are several communities with different specializations (eg, industry, tourism or education). Immediately after the simulator was sharply criticized by the players, as it did not survive the server and an influx during the first days of the start of the game was virtually impossible. Then for the first time gamers will want to add to the game offline mode, but so far Maxis representatives have stated that it is technically impossible.

Now Maxis is developing a major add-on that will create a futuristic city. It should come out in November.

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