Make Your Favorite Website as Your Wallpaper on Win 10


Thinking and desire of people change from time to time. Sometimes you want colors only at your desktop wallpaper, sometimes you like some fancy images or nature wallpapers. Things got pretty amazing when we were able to use Live Wallpapers, now is the time of websites and internet. A stunning idea was put to work by Dan Ivanov by creating an app called WallpaperWebPage.

WallpaperWebPage is an easy to use software, even for beginners of no tech experience. After installation, it creates an application icon on your desktop, you can open the app and just provide the website address you want as your wallpaper. That’s it!

Your wallpaper will be changed immediately replacing your old desktop wallpaper and even icons and put the webpage as your new wallpaper. To some level it is good, that you can access the icons by going to Start Menu > Explorer and go to Desktop. Please also keep in mind you will not be able to access the Right Click Menu as well on your desktop.

You can navigate through the webpage and use it like a normal web browser. The software automatically start on Windows startup and is very lite weight so it doesn’t slow down anything or put any load on CPU causing any crash, errors or annoying notifications.

But also it depends on the website you set on webpage, if it has ads or popups then it can be an annoying thing other than that it is simple, fast and good.

Image Credits: SoftPedia