LinkedIn has become the fastest growing company in USA


Business social network LinkedIn has won first place in the ranking of “America’s fastest growing technology companies compiled by Forbes magazine.

Experts have examined the financial results of Forbes 2100 American technology companies. Among them were selected for those whose annual income is more than $ 150 million, and a market capitalization of more than $ 500 million. In addition, the rate of growth in sales and earnings.

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As a result, revenue in the last 12 months LinkedIn amounted to 1.109 billion dollars while sales growth 80%, and average annual revenue growth over the past three years, equal to 102%. While revenue growth over the past 12 months, Facebook, runner-up in the rankings, reached 5.489 billion rise 36%. Revenues of the largest social networks in the last three years has increased annually at 87%.

In third place is Apple, whose sales last year increased by 19% and amounted to 169.104 billion. Another IT giant, Google, was placed on the 17-th line of the Forbes rankings.

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