October 3, 2013

LG & Samsung Releasing Smartphones With Flexible Display

LG followed by Samsung plans to introduce a smartphone with a flexible screen until the end of the October 2-13. The companies intend to compete for technological leadership in the mobile phone market after both fired OLED-TVs with concave displays.

LG Electronics has no plans to relinquish technological leadership and Samsung is about to release a smartphone with a flexible display almost simultaneously with its rival, according to ZDNet Korea.

The use of a flexible display in the smartphone does not mean that the ability to bending will have the device itself. Manufacturers planning to use the flexible matrix to give the curved shape of the front of the phone, as well as to protect the screen from damage when falling.

Earlier, the market for smart phones have been presented, the front panel which was slightly bent, such as Samsung Galaxy Nexus. However, these devices have a curved glass, whereas the display itself remained flat. Commenting on the shape of the glass, the manufacturer at the time explained that it is more natural and comfortable.

Smartphone LG Electronics with a flexible screen will be called LG Z. According to sources, the company has already started its mass production and plans to announce a new product at the end of October.

Specifications LG Z is unknown, but, as expected, they will meet the top model LG G2, which was presented in early August.

According to observers, if LG really call the new device Z, she may have friction with the company Sony, the last two of which are named after the flagship Sony Xperia Z and Z1.

LG G2 in a bent form (render)

Will LG Z devoid of buttons on the front panel and the side faces is unknown. It is this concept applied to the vendor LG G2, moving the buttons on the back of the smartphone. The company believes that the buttons located behind the middle of the body, much easier to reach than if they were in the standard locations.

In late September, a representative of Samsung has officially announced its intention to present in October a smartphone with a curved screen. The Samsung expects that the new product will have time to announce the earlier LG.

It should be noted that both companies - LG and Samsung - earlier this year began selling OLED-TVs with a concave screen. Manufacturers explain this decision by saying that with a concave display all the pixels of the image removed at an equal distance from the eye, which improves the viewing due to the absence of distortion.

I should add that, and LG, and Samsung, in addition to the devices themselves do produce displays for them. In addition to meeting their own needs, the company provides electronic components from other manufacturers.

It should be noted that in recent quarters LG shows higher growth in the smartphone market than other vendors. So, in I quarter 2013 the company increased its deliveries by 110.2%, while in the II quarter of this year - by 108.6%. According to IDC, in the period from April to June 2013 LG took 5.1% of the global smartphone market in terms of supply - the third place behind Samsung and Apple.

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