August 15, 2013

Latest Microsoft Patch (KB2859537) Provokes Failures

At Tuesday, August 13, Microsoft has released another batch of monthly patches. Altogether eight updates, eliminating a total of 23 vulnerabilities in various Microsoft products. But it soon became clear, many users who have received the patch via Automatic Updates Automatic Update, faced severe disruption to their systems.

Owners of computers with Windows 7 (64-bit) complain about the appearance of "blue screens of death" and the inability to run the games. A number of people are attempting to launch any application, including web browsers Internet Explorer, an error Error 0xc0000005. There are other oddities in the operation of computers.

Microsoft acknowledged problems with the automatic update KB2876063, KB2859537, KB2873872, KB2843638, KB2843639 and KB2868846. Apparently, users who have not downloaded these patches should hold off on upgrading systems to clarify the situation.

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