Kingston Technology Launching New SSD M.2


Kingston Technology this week started shipping its first SSDs M.2 2280. These SSDs will soon become popular as the last platform based on Intel chipsets 9 Series SSDs support M.2 with 2,0 x2 PCI Express interface and a capacity of up to 1 GB/s. Unfortunately, the first solid-state drives from Kingston M.2 not intended for those who are concerned primarily performance. Kingston is one of the first companies offering SSDs M.2.

Kingston plans to offer three types of SSDs M.2 2280 (80mm * 22mm) – 120GB, 240GB and 480GB.120GB version will go on sale first, 240GB and 480GB models appear in the third quarter of 2014.Kingston also shared specifications and new hard drives – read speed is 550MB / s and write performance will be 520MB / s for the 120 GB drive. The drive is also able to perform up to 66000/65000 operations IOPS. So far, it is unclear whether more succinct version SSD faster than disk of 120GB.

SSDs M.2 2280 from Kingston differ in that thanks to the support TRIM able to maintain drive performance throughout its lifetime. SSD-drives also support DevSleep, which allows devices to be connected and working without sacrificing battery life. In SSD M.2 2280 also has the ability to maintain data integrity in the event of an unexpected power outage or shutdown unsafe.

“We are proud that we are releasing a new form factor M.2 both for consumers and for our corporate customers wishing to upgrade their systems,” – said Ariel Perez, SSD business manager, Kingston.”This is an exciting extension of our activities for the production of OEM M.2 2260 SATA SSD, which are used in some models of Asus Zenbook”.

While it is certainly remarkable that Kingston is ready to deliver SSDs in M.2 form factor before his many rivals, it is obvious that the initial family of such products will not be able to truly take advantage of technology M.2 and increasing capacity. Perhaps those for whom performance is most important should expect SSDs Kingston HyperX M.2, to get a speed greater than that which is provided technology Serial ATA-6 Gbit/s.

SSD M.2 backed by Kingston’s three year warranty. Prices are yet unknown.