July 1, 2016

Keyword Planner: Google Does Not Need an Active Campaign

According to Google, some of the users are getting error messages. These error messages are coming because of some technical flaws. These come when users try to access keywords planner from AdWords.

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Buzz about the error message

There were many things roaming about this error. Google AdWords Keywords Planner is a well-renowned keyword research tool. It is used by search marketers whose motive is either advertising or organic optimization. This issue started back in some couple of weeks before.

This matter was noticed by Greg Gifford, and he said: if you intend to utilize Keyword Planer then you ought to have at least a single active campaign for this purpose. In his twitter post he tweeted that: Google and AdWords can you imagine what harm you have done to SEO organic people. The link to his tweet is given below.

Difficulty for SEO’s

It had become tough for SEO’s to access Keywords planner since a few years ago. It became difficult because Google made it a requirement to have an AdWords account. The real issue with this was the compulsion that only an advertiser can have access to AdWords account. However, Google reported that this is not true.

Joe Buzzard tweeted about the matter that: Google I hope it really won’t happen that campaign is required to have a keywords planner.

To this Google AdWords responded that: This is speculation is not true at all. To have access and to use keyword planner having a campaign or ad group is not a compulsion.

The link to the above tweet is given below.


However, the issue did not end. It came back again on June 27. A report came out stating that this weekend even more of the users faced an error message. To this Google reported that there is a persisting technical problem. Along with it, Goggle repeated that having an active campaign is not a compulsion. All you need is to have an AdWords account.


Plenty of tweets came out on June 27 that were related to the same topic. Rjsonex tweeted about this: It is great news that you do not require an active campaign in AdWords. Both for access tools and then run an optimized campaign using these tools.

However to this Google tweeted that: there are technical issues at the moment. We will keep you updated by posting.

The link to this tweet is below.


On the same day, there was a tweet from Mark Traphagen saying that: Having an account is necessary? Even it is inactive as well?

To this Google AdWords tweeted that: Yes, to use Keyword Planner you must have an account. Even if it is inactive.

The link to this tweet is as follows.


Users with active campaigns

When the status of the users that have active campaigns was checked, then it became apparent that they were affected by bugs as well.

On June 24, John Maher tweeted that: despite having a keyword planner tool, I am still facing the issue in accessing my Keyword Planner tool.

To this Goggle AdWords tweeted that: our teams are aware and working on this issue. We will keep you updated as soon as we gathered more information.

The link to above tweet is as follows.


Photo by christophe.benoit74

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