April 17, 2013

Japan has launched the fastest home internet in the world

Japanese provider So-net Entertainment has added to its suite of services connected to the Internet at speeds up to 2 Gbit/sec. And it is just a home internet useage, not any pilot project, developed by SRI, writes habrahabr.ru citing computerworld.

Yes! Download speeds up to two gigabits per second.

Sony is acting as a partner in this project. The new service is called a Nuro and high-speed connection is available for residents of Tokyo + inhabitants of several neighboring prefectures.
According to the company, this package is not just for families but also to the owners of the restaurant business and other small companies. In this case, the package price is not so high: 51 USD per month with a contract for 2 years (plus about the same amount for the installation of equipment, one-time).
In this particular case "to 2 Gbit / s" means that the provider guarantees to the load at a speed of 2 Gbit / s, but that's sending data from a user will be held at a speed not exceeding 1 Gbit / s. The project was made possible thanks to the development and implementation of an optical receiver, which "extends" the channel connecting to the specified speed. The device connects directly to the optics, converting the optical / light signals into electrical signals.
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