July 25, 2013

iPhone Remains Leader in Mobile Advertising Revenue

The number of mobile ad impressions on the iPhone and Android in the second quarter were approximately equal. With this iPhone remains the leader in revenue from mobile advertising impressions. iPhone generates 36.4% of revenue compared to 27.8% for Android. 43.8% of all mobile ad impressions have to devices Apple.

iPhone remains the leader in revenue from mobile advertising impressions

Nearly 448% of all mobile ad impressions have on Apple devices. This is according to a report ad network Opera Mediaworks.

Category "Sports" was the most profitable in the second quarter. Despite the fact that the share of this category in the total income from mobile advertising is low and amounts to 6.5% in the second quarter revenue of publishers in this category was 22.2%. Category "Music, Video & Media" has again received the highest share of hits - 22.4%.

$3 of every $4 of all mobile transactions occur in the United States. A little less than 50% of all advertising inquiries, also falls on the U.S. market for mobile advertising. The share of the U.S. market in global revenue from mobile advertising is nearly 75%.

The report says that the multimedia applications in advertising is more effective than banner mobile advertising. Advertisers that guide their advertising budgets on creative multimedia campaign within applications get much return on investment with an average CTR (click-through rate) 1.53%.

Despite the fact that banner advertising is still the leader among all types of mobile advertising, advertisers are beginning to work more actively with new effective formats, such as tap-to-expand ("Click and open") and VAST interstitial ("Caption") .

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