November 23, 2015

A Comparison between Ipad Pro & Surface Pro 4

With the advancement in technology things have been changing constantly every day. Electronic gadgets have gained popularity in no time. There is a spacious market of these gadgets and there exists a healthy competition between the companies that are providing these gadgets. They not only try to provide the devices with best and up to date functionalities/ specs but are also trying to exceed each other. By the end there efforts turns in the provision of latest and astonishing devices that turns the tables.

Before purchasing and spending the money on any gadget buyer must search about the product in detail and should have the complete insight. As these products are quite expensive user must know about all the available devices in his range and must compare them the best of all. The standards of every buyer will vary depending upon how they prioritize things.

On September 9, when Apple launched iPhone 6s it also unveiled the surprise of Ipad Pro. Below is a complete guideline comparing iPad Pro and Surface Pro 4.

Comparison Table for iPad Pro vs Surface Pro 4

iPad Pro

Surface Pro 4


Apple Microsoft

Operating system

iOS 9 is being incorporated because of its extraordinary features. From the interface to multitasking iOS 9 has helped to get the most out of the iPad. iOS 9 supports Bluetooth keyboards, but doesn’t support Bluetooth mice. It does multitasking with two Apps side by side. Window 10 is being used. It lets the users to install desktop programs that are not available in window store. It is a full desktop operating system. Users can fully interact with the Apps built for desktop environment.

Size and weight

It is 27 inch thick and has a weight of 1.57 pounds and is much lighter. It is bigger and heavier than iPad and has a weight of 1.68 pounds and measuring 292x201x8.4mm

 Screen and resolution

It is better and has a detailed screen. It has a huge display of 12.9-inch display with a resolution of 2732 x 2048 pixels. Display is fully laminated. Antireflective coating is also present. It is not as big as iPad Pro is. It has 12-inch multi-touch display. It packs a bigger, 12.4-inch display, with a higher 2736×1824 pixel resolution.


 There are two available versions in terms of storage. 32GB and 128 GB. For Surface there are four versions. 64 GB, 128 GB, 256 GB, 512 GB.


 It has 64-bit A9X chip with 64‑bit architecture with M9 motion coprocessor. It is 80% faster than other PC’s. It has Intel SkyLake Core i5 and i7 chips, which gives 50% more performance than a MacBook Air according to Microsoft.

SD slot

 There is no SD slot present. There is arability of additional slot for external micro SD card slot.


It is WI-FI enabled. And has 4G LTE options. It is WI-FI enabled. And has 4G LTE options. Bluetooth 4.0 LE

Cellular and wireless

Wi‑Fi standard 802.11a/ b/ g/ n/ ac are being used. HT80 with MIMO is also there. It also has cellular SIM in UK and US only. 802.11AC with no mobile internet configurations


8MP iSight camera, autofocus, Five-elements, Hybrid IR filter, Backside illumination, Improved face detection, Exposure control, Panorama (up to 43MP), Burst mode, Tap to focus, Photo geotagging, Timer mode It has 5 MP front facing camera and rear facing camera.


It has a battery timing of 10 hours. 9 hours of working battery.


The manufacturers are claiming that only letter and alphabets are the things they do not reinvent. It has detachable keyboard. It can be folded in case if it’s not needed and can be served either as cover or stand. Surface Pro 4 has the same detachable keyboard. It also has a kickstand support cover separately to facilitate user with comfort and ease.


Four stereo audio speakers are omnidirectional, and pumps sound in all the directions. It gives an incredible sound experience irrespective of the direction. It has stereo speakers.


It has support of stylus. But for this extra $99 will be charged. The weight of the line to be drawn can be sensed by how hard the user is pressing the pencil. The amount of pressure being put is sensed by pressure sensors and then result in perfect precision. The presentations and Office work has become more easy with Surface Pro 4 pen. User can jot down his idea even if device is on sleep mode by simply tapping pen to the screen, a blank document will open. It is included in the overall price.


Gold, Silver Silver

Starting price

32 GB model is available for $799 while for 128 GB price is $949. Price is not confirmed as yet, but it is expected to be $1100+.

Which one is better?

As know we are aware of all the features/specs the question arises which one is better as both has same price. And also buy the end users have their own choices and preferences.

If someone have been using Apple products they will defiantly prefer iPad Pro. The only downside is that Microsoft has not given 4G even as an option for Surface Pro 4. The best version Surface Pro 4 will be available with 16GB RAM and 1TB storage, powered by a 6th Gen Core i7 Intel processor.

While the users having experience with Android will have more comfort with Surface Pro 4 because it offers maximum robust feature.

Written by: Sidra Aleem, Edited by Naveed, Image Credit:
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