July 11, 2013

iPad 5 will be Released Before the New iPad Mini - Sources

iPad 5 tablet should appear in the third quarter of 2013.

Apple has once again changed the plans under the influence of the current situation on the market of electronic components. It was planned that Apple will release the updated iPad Mini in this fall with Retina-display, and by year-end iPad 5 with an updated processor and Retina-display. Now the situation in the market of components is such that Apple will begin shipping iPad 5 first, and then the mini-tablet.

The analyst firm NPD DisplayResearch published with reference to the sources report, which said that the iPad 5 should appear in the third quarter of this year. According to NPD, one of the reasons for the delay of the new iPad Mini may be changed and the design scheme of the gadget.

It is expected that the new iPad Mini will apply the modified system backlight. Something similar has already been used in the iPad 3, which received the body slightly thicker than the iPad 2. Then it was caused by a thicker Retina-display and a slightly thicker panels that were used in the tablet. The same "fat" size is preserved and the iPad 4.

Apple has not even decided on whether to apply the iPad Mini Retina-display. Also, sources say that the iPad Mini Retina will be released in the fourth quarter.

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