April 27, 2014

Intel will launch Internet TV by late 2013

Intel is about to launch its own online TV. This is with reference to the vice-president Eric Haggersa (Erik Huggers) reports All Things Digital.

Haggers noted that work on the Internet TV in the company has been going on for about a year. A special unit, called the Intel Media, working people from Apple, Google and Netflix. They face the challenge to create the best online TV in the world, said Haggers. To do this, he said, the company cooperates "with the industry," but the specific partners, he did not disclose.

Eric Haggers

According Haggersa, the company is preparing a comprehensive solution consisting of a set-top box and a platform that transmits TV signals over the Internet. The device will have a "fantastic design," he said. It will show the transmission not only live, but with a delay. Also it will be possible to run applications.

The device is built-in camera, which will allow it to assess how users watch TV: for example, it can help you to find out what the two people in front of a like different recommendations. If desired, the camera will be switched off. No other details about the device or the canal itself Haggers not disclose. According to him, the solution will be presented in 2013.

Rumors that Intel is preparing its own set-top box, appeared in June 2012. Then it was expected that the device will be presented before the end of the year. It was pointed out that Intel had difficulties in entering into agreements with content providers due to the desire of users to not sell the entire channel packages and individual gears.

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