Intel launches new chips, codenamed Braswell


Intel has this week opened its new name generation chip codenamed Braswell, designed for laptops and desktops. The new chip will be made using advanced technology and combine relatively for high performance, small size, low power consumption and low cost. Yes the chip will be affordable, high performing and in smaller size which will consume less power and thus resulting in higher battery life.

Intel did not give too much information about Braswell, except that it will be used in the Bay Trail processors in a variety of mobile and portable devices. But here’s what we know: the chip will be made on 14nm manufacturing architecture technology and will belong to the family of chips Atom. Since the chip has to be made using the technology process 14nm, we should expect that it will be based on the micro-architecture codenamed Airmont x86.

In principle, Braswell looks like a high-performance version of the chip, codenamed Cherry Trail chip for tablets. So expect higher performance, improved graphics performance, good gaming experience, smooth video & animation transitions and stuff like that.

Braswell will focus mainly on the use of low-cost laptops, Chromebooks, affordable desktop computers and other systems that cannot run at a high chip Intel, may be because of size of this chip or even cost.

The Intel declined to say when a new chip codenamed Braswell will be launched, but it would be logical to expect that it will be available either in late 2014 or early 2015.