July 20, 2013

Intel Financial Worth Fell in 4th Consecutive Quarter

After Yahoo financial fell, now Intel, the world's largest chip maker, predicts that third-quarter sales could be worse than the expectations of some analysts because of the continuing decline in the PC market, which remains the largest for Intel. According to the company expects revenue in the current quarter will be about $ 13.5 billion, against a forecast of $ 13.7 billion after the publication of quarterly results Paper Intel fell 4.3% to $ 23.10.

Intel announced the receipt of losses for the fourth quarter in a row, along with the fall of the PC market worldwide, and now Intel is not helping and developing the market, as negative penetrated there. To somehow stop the fall of the results, Intel is throwing all its efforts on mobile direction, producing solutions for smartphones and tablets.

At the end of this year, chip maker expects a slight drop in the financial data in comparison with the results of 2012. According to estimates Intel, annual sales of about $ 53.5 billion corporation Findirector Stacy Smith said that in the second quarter, Intel expects to improve the structure of orders against the release of the new chips for mobile solutions and servers. Smith said that the general global macro-economic conditions in the second half of the year are also expected a better start of the year.

Smith also said that the company is cutting its investment program for the construction of new factories with production lines for $ 1 billion to $ 11 billion

In the reported second-quarter net income fell 29% to $ 2 billion, or 39 cents per share, from $ 2.83 billion, or 54 cents a year earlier. Analysts expected Intel's 39 cents a share and sales of $ 12.9 billion for the largest Intel PC division reported revenues of $ 8.1 billion, which is 7.5% lower than godorm earlier. The company was not able to compensate for this decline due to the growth of sales of server chips to $ 2.7 billion

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