November 27, 2015

Instagram: Fastest growing social site globally

Instagram is photo capturing and sharing App that was owned by Facebook in 2012. The App allow the users to capture the moments by taking the pictures then apply the filters and finally share them on the social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter etc.

Visual communication is more trending these days rather than writing blogs. In such a visual generation Instagram has grown globally beyond the expectations. In 2012 when Facebook purchased Instagram it was said that it would be delightful and satisfying if 100 million users hit the App.

Two years back from now on Instagram exceeded the expectation and achieved much more than what was expected. Rate of Instagram’s growth has surpassed Twitter and Facebook itself. While the parent company has seemed to lose its fame in teens Instagram has no such issues.

It has reached up to 400 million users in less than of five years. Facebook took six years to reach the milestone of 1.5 billion users while Twitter that is nine-year-old still lags behind Instagram. No social networking site today has as much attention from the users as Instagram is getting.

Instagram growth under the supervision of Facebook is completely impressive. Instagram has 300 million people users that use it monthly which means 50% more growth by the year. That makes it clearly officially bigger than Twitter, which had 284 million active users as of six weeks ago. 80 million photos are shared each day and in total of 4 billion from the day it has been launched.

The graph makes the comparison of growth rates of Insta, Twitter and Facebook. It is clearly evident that both Facebook and Twitter have flattened curves at the initial stages. Whereas Insta have rising curve even at the starting years of its launch that fairly makes it the fastest growing social networking site. That clearly shows the importance of visual mean of communication.

Though Insta and Facebook are of same family, but even then Insta has surpassed. While using Instagram the user has no diverted attention, his 100 % focus is on the screen. And attention is something that is needed for the complete success.

Weekly report

This weekly reports also have recently shown the growing trend of Instagram. E-Marketers research has shown that this year a total of 40.5 million Instra users will log in to App monthly. While for Twitter the number is 37.8 million monthly. There is a clear difference of 2.7 million. The major contribution to the growth is coming from overseas. Instagram reported that more than 75% of Instagram users belong to the U.S, and more than half of the newest members are from Europe and Asia. Countries adding the most users include Brazil, Japan and Indonesia.

The histogram above is a clear indication of much more adoption of Instagram by the users. The black bars of the histogram are showing the amount Insta users and the red line is showing the change in percentage. It is expected that by the end of the year 25% of the users will bring change to overall statistics by clicking up photos, apply filter and then share them.

Users of different age groups

The table shows a general trend of use on the basis of different age groups. While Twitter is evenly distributed among all the age groups Instagram is limited to the people of certain age groups. Even then the number of users is more than Twitter so when Instra will become equally popular among all the age groups what a massive increase will come??  Over the time Insta will draw near all the age groups. That is surely going to be a time taking activity.

Remarkable rise

Facebook has come up with jaw-dropping Instagram mobile App. Instagram has been launched successfully on different operating systems. Some major achievements are as follows.

  • October 2010: launch on iPhone
  • December 2010: 1 million users
  • June 2011: 5 million users
  • September 2011: 10 million users
  • April 2012: 30 million registered accounts on iPhone, launches on Android
  • April 4,2012: 1 million Android sign ups in first 24 hours
  • April 30, 2012: 50 million users
  • February 2013:100 million users
  • September 2013: 150 million users
  • March 2014: 200 million users

As far as Twitter is concerned it added 38 million users since March will 100 million users joined Instagram.

Instagram CEO Kevin Systrom says

“Over the past four years, what began as two friends with a dream has grown into a global community.”

Written by: Sidra Aleem

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