Instagram Bought a New Video Service


Affiliate Project of Facebook – social network Instagram – announced the acquisition of mobile application developer Luma, designed for processing videos. In this service will continue until the end of 2013.

Representatives of Facebook confirmed the information about this takeover, notifying that the purchase of a new asset will increase as the intellectual base and the technological component . Both will be helping the development of the social network subsidiary. It is also reported that the service Luma will soon be closed. It has already been removed from the list in the App Store, support for the product will stop Dec. 31, 2013.

Number of users of Instagram to date are nearly more than 130 million people . They can post pictures and short videos with a length of 3-15 seconds on mobile devices running iOS and Android. You can view Instagram as a mobile application or via the web version, writes “BBC News”.

Instagram video appeared recently. In June of this year, Facebook held a press conference where it presented the new features to the market. “This is the same Instagram, which we all know and love, but now it is also moving” – said Instagram Co-Founder Kevin Sistrom.

Photo: Getty Images /

Photo: Getty Images /

For processing videos when there ware 13 new effects that differ from photo filters. According to Kevin Sistroma, they invited specialists who have worked and developed different video processing. Following the acquisition of Luma, representatives of Instagram promise to add more features in their App and services.

Luma service is intended for creation and processing of video with the ability to stabilize the image. In addition, application users can share their creations with their family members and friends.