April 6, 2014

HTC Extreme Power Save Coming With the Next Update

At the first glance at the HTC One M8, once you analyze the quality of its build - at the highest level and is, if not the best, then certainly one of the best smartphones available in the market. It seems that its quality is higher even than the iPhone 5S with its curved lines, and most of all it resembles Nokia E71, which had a similar aluminum finish, good body and a great, solid appearance. 

However, the story of HTC One does not end here, I will discus separately one of its main and important feature.  

HTC One M8 Extreme Power Save

This feature is the mode Extreme Power Saving, saves energy, demonstrated last night in Vienna, an event dedicated to the creation of HTC. HTC says that this feature will soon be updated in the software, allowing it to activate. On charging upto 100% it can be expected that in standby mode the phone will remain working for 2 weeks on its battery life, on 20 percent it will work for 60 hours, with 10 percent - 30 hours and 5 per cent phone will work for 15 hours. 

Of course, extreme energy efficiency imposes some restrictions apply - lowers the brightness, do not use the applications, but these impressive figures certainly be impressive for frequent travelers. Two weeks of battery life will be enough for people who will mainly focus on basic functionality, such as text messages and calls.  

It will be interesting to see when it works in reality. If the phone is indeed able to work as much time at 5 percent battery, the HTC makes a huge step forward, solving the problem of many smartphones which consumes battery very quickly because of too much applications running in the back-end which lowers the battery in no time.

HTC has also reported that the user can select the power saving mode setting so option will be available for user to activate this power saving profile in time of this need.

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