July 7, 2014

HTC Butterfly S with 1.9 GHZ Snapdragon 600 Processor

HTC has always conferred its astounding phones with stupendous features and apps, this time again its HTC who presented HTC Butterfly S 1.9 GHZ snapdragon 600 processor, with staggering apps and features in amazingly affordable prices.

HTC Butterfly S is four cores, 1.9 GHZ, Snapdragon 600 Processor, Android Mobile Phone. This latest inception of HTC has too many hallmarks that soon after its official launch in 2013 its market mounted so high to an incredible peak.

HTC Butterfly S is a 0.41 inch thick, 2.77 inch wide and 5.68 inch long touch screen android mobile available only in black color. It has an android operating system having four cores processor.

Former factor of HTC Butterfly S is Slab with screen size (diagonal) 5.0 inch. HTC Butterfly S has LCD display technology with 1920×1080 px resolution and 440 ppi having capacitive touch type.

HTC Butterfly S has incredible storage capacity 16 GB with Micro SD card support and 2 GB RAM size. It’s another awe-inspiring peculiarity is its fine cameras, front camera is of 2.1 mp while back one is of 4 mp with a LED flash light.

If we look at its internet supporting features then this is hearty to know that it has java support HTML Browser with wifi, GPS, Bluetooth, NFC, Infrared features.

HTC Butterfly S also supports USB external port, 3.5 mm headphones and single SIM. HTC Butterfly S has amazing Battery timings of 3200 mAh.

This incredible inception of HTC having so many quality features made its fame in few days after its launch. In USA, the Droid DNA, name is given to this phone.

HTC Butterfly S released in June 2013 with amazing price of only $850USD.

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