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HP may Start Producing Tablets Based on Android

HP may Start Producing Tablets Based on Android

by Naveed A LodhiMay 1, 2014

One of the world’s largest computer manufacturers, HP is preparing to release a tablet computer based on the platform Google Android, website reported, citing sources familiar with the situation.

Release tablet based on Android, which is in addition to Apple iOS one of the most popular mobile platforms, could be a new attempt to take HP’s share of this fast-growing market. Previous experience has been unfortunate for the company, the tablet TouchPad based on its own operating system, webOS was discontinued less than two months after release in summer 2011.

“This is a major success for Google, which will add another strong partner ecosystem of Android”, – writes According to the website, the tablet will be powered by the latest processor Tegra 4, manufactured by Nvidia. Site The Verge, confirmed the fact that the development of the tablet on its own sources, said that its technical specification to the end is not yet defined.

In addition to the Tablet PC, HP is considering the issue and smartphone based on Android, writes Andoid Tablet produced by many companies, including the largest supplier of lead Samsung.

Currently, the product line includes the HP tablet ElitePad 900 operating system Microsoft Windows 8 is designed to solve business problems. Experience using Google software platforms from HP is already there: in early February, HP introduced a 14-inch notebook platform based Chrome OS, designed to work with online services.

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