November 4, 2012

How to Access, Unblock, Open Youtube in Pakistan?

People are searching different ways and articles on internet to Open Youtube in Pakistan. A few weeks back, a blaspheme anti-Islamic or you can say Anti-Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W.W) video was on aired. Keeping in view this act of blaspheme Youtube was blocked by PTA (Pakistan Telecommunication Authority) on 18th of September, 2012. Blockage of Youtube was made in order to stop the video access on poisoning our minds with this stupid act against the Islam. In this aspect Pakistani Government immediately reported the Google authorities for the removal of Anti-Religion Vide, but unfortunately Google response was not as per expectations, they replied:
The company is not yet registered in Pakistan; therefore, Pakistani laws can not be followed by Google.
Even though, the video was blocked not only in India, Indonesia, Malaysia and Libya but also in other Muslime countries as well where Google is registered and follow the local laws.
Keeping in view the above facts, PTA (Pakistan Telecommunication Authority) was ordered by the Pakistan's Prime Minister Raja Pervez Ashraf to block the entire youtube website in Pakistan. On which all the ISP companies in Pakistan were given a notice to block all the possible accesses to not only Youtube but also to the materials relating to such filthy action. Also afterwards, Supreme court of Pakistan passed an immediate notice from 19th September onwards, Youtube will not be accessible in Pakistan. The videos are now removed from Youtube, but still the access is not given to local public. There are numerous ways to access the blocked content on internet. I will be sharing a few ways here so that the access can be unblocked for the educational purpose.

How to Access, Unblock, Unlock or Open Youtube in Pakistan?

There are many softwares, tips and tricks that can easily be found on internet for free not only to Open Youtube in Pakistan but also other blocked websites in Pakistan. Mostly they are Proxy software which hide your IP. But sometimes, security issues arise while using a proxy software; they may transfer your personal data to their servers. But the software [Ultra Surf] which is shared here is the best among all and it secures everything for you. It doesn't show your identity to anyone. So this is the best solution for using YouTube in Pakistan when it is blocked. I'm using it myself and it is recommended to you to.

Download and Install Ultra Surf

This software is very small in size and can be downloaded within seconds. So just download it by clicking clicking the link: Download Ultra Surf  "This software can be downloaded by searching on Google if the link is dead/unreachable"
Open Youtube in Pakistan UltraSoft Screenshot
Remember, only download the ZIP version and after downloading extract the ZIP file. And you don't need to install this software on your PC. Just open it and Internet Explorer will also start along with it. So, if you are using Chrome or Firefox then close Internet Explorer and use your desired browser. But don't close the software until you use YouTube. You can minimize it.

Proxy Servers if you don't have the administrator access OR you don't want to install softwares:

Some of the free proxy servers are also discussed here in case you don't have the administrator access to install the softwares on in some cases you don't want to install the softwares on your computer/laptops/table pc. You can check whether your IP is changed and which country's ip is assigned to you by visiting this website:
Some of the Free Proxy Server List is:
There are numerous servers available on internet for getting the Free Proxy Servers
Alternate Softwares:

Two more tricks are here to Open youtube in Pakistan, the one is just enter youtube URL in your browser's address bar like this: and YouTube will open safely, also you can use Spotflux software to unblock YouTube in Pakistan. Just visit and download the software for free. Another best free proxy software is Anchor Free HotSpot Shield.
If this article helped you in anyway, please share this on social websites like facebook, twitter etc. This tip n trick was shared because of a huge number of requests from different readers and visitors who were asking for accessing our videos, lectures, songs, movies, tutorials on YouTube. So if you have further questions then leave a comment below the post.

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  1. you access social network sites like YouTube so this sites blocked with the different place and if you access this sites you used proxies sites

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