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Handwriting Recognition in Google Translator

Handwriting Recognition in Google Translator

by Naveed A LodhiJuly 26, 2013
While handwriting recognition only works in Android-client Google Translate, later it will become widespread support for the PC browsers as well. Now this is going to be another new step from Google which will be turning out a strong and free feature to be used as OCR (Optical Character Recognition). Now remember, most of the OCR services are out there for money, but being totally free will be a plus point and will get some extra attention.

On translation service Google Translate implemented in an experimental mode tool for handwriting text to be translated into another language. The company said that while the work of the new features is far from ideal and is aimed primarily at users in Europe or the United States who attend the Asian or Middle Eastern countries, and are completely unfamiliar with their writing.

In translator from Google appeared handwriting

The development of handwriting are the programmers of the Japanese and Hong Kong offices of the Internet giant. According to them, the system of handwriting is also useful when the computer user does not have support for keyboard layout from which you want to translate a particular word or phrase. “Handwritten input system allows you to translate the written expression, even if you do not know the phonetic symbols are designated as” – say at Google.

Now the translation system works mainly with Asian language groups. As Google says that the system worked handwriting almost a year. While handwriting recognition only works in Android-client Google Translate, later it will become widespread support. In the web version, it will be implemented through HTML5.

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