October 22, 2016

Half World Without Social Network Sites

The US and Europe were left without access to 70 social network sites, including Twitter

On Friday, Oct. 21, the US Internet users began to complain about the problems in the work of such popular sites like Twitter, Reddit, Spotify, PayPal, Github. Services were unavailable for some users Runet.

The reason for the mass failure is likely to become a DDoS-attack on the DNS-server company Dyn, which provides domain names for many popular Internet resources. If the service provider is subject to cyber attack, the resources become available.

The first reports of problems with access were at 6 AM New York USA Time. Dyn The website reported that the company is trying to eliminate the effects of DDoS-attacks. The greatest number of complaints received from the US East Coast users.

Social Media Services Down in Half World, Twitter Gone Down

After 2.5 hours, Dyn supposedly fix it, and then told about another attack on their servers. At this time occurred off the services on the west coast of the United States and in Europe.

This is not said to be related if the two attacks on the server. Although notes that disruptions appear in a similar way.

According to The New York Times, citing an advisor Dyn Dave Allen, most of the signals came from the devices connected to the Internet that have been infected by a Virus Mirai, which allows hackers to control them without the owners' knowledge. Device, which became a source of DDoS-attacks, according to the company's chief strategist Kyle York is the camera and home routers.

At 5AM NYT specialists Dyn reported that continue to struggle with DDoS-attack and try to regain access to services.

In addition, the representatives pointed out that before it gets better, will be "worse". Server companies faced with the third wave of attack. Dyn representatives told the CNBC , that the attack "well planned and executed, comes from the ten million IP-addresses at the same time."

5:20 The company announced the resolution of the incident.

Social, Services and Media

Gizmodo published a map of the affected regions. It east coast of the United States, California, several states in America depth, some European countries, UK, Moscow and several cities of India.

Many sites give here an error connecting to the DNS-server.

Servers downtime Heatmap

In Gizmodo made to date at that list of services, which confirmed the existence of problems with access.

Among them fotoresurs Imgur, PayPal payment tool, social network Pinterest, Reddit, music service Spotify's, microblog Twitter, online cinema Netflix, as well as the publication Financial Times, The Guardian, The Wall Street Journal, Fox News, The New York Times, BBC and many others.

A total of 70 resource list and according to the CNN, the list of victims includes service for renting an apartment Airbnb and online store Amazon.

Runet and US officials

The Russian segment of the Internet was raised slightly: there are complaints of problems in the Twitter, VKontakte and Facebook, Github and PlayStation Network.

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