October 25, 2013

GTA V for PC Leaked Torrent by Scammers Full of Viruses

Scammers have leaked the new version of Grand Theft Auto V for the PC. The torrent extends the long-awaited "leaked version" of the size of 18GB, which is positioned as a full version of GTA V for PC + Crack.

Reminding of that as it may be the whole collection of various malwares, including viruses, worms and Trojans. Clearly, the attackers resorted to yet another opportunity to use more than 500,000 gamers for easy money, which intend to play the cracked game and enjoy it without even paying the company.

GTA V Leaked Torrent

Despite the fact that cybercriminals have taken care of authentic external appearance of the installation, gamers did not happen to try GTA V for PC before the official release, if any, will take place. After installation gamers open a text file with a reference to the Crack. It is not surprising, but thousands of players have downloaded a package, be found on the website is nothing but a list of polls and hype.

Will GTA V for PC be Available or Not?

In September, scammers have attempted to use the desire of gamers to get GTA V for PC. On the packaging there was a torrent installing the game The Cave, stuffed with some malicious programs.

GTA V for PC is just a prank joke

Company Rockstar Games have only officially given the announcement of Release of GTA V on these platforms only i.e. Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. Reckless to permanent hearing loss and certificate existence of the RS version, release of GTA V on PC seems quite a suspicion, because its not officially been released, then how on the earth, its been released on PC without declaration on Official Website?

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