March 15, 2017

Green Tea - 9 Magical Health Benefits You Never Know!

It has become public knowledge that green tea offers several health advantages. However, if you are someone like I used to be before writing this article, you don’t really understand why. But the case revolves around its high antioxidant content. Moreover, it improves the metabolic rate and prevents you from getting overweight. Scroll down to know about the top 9 health benefits of organic green tea.

green tea - Green tea image

1. Reduce the Risk for Type 2 Diabetes with Green Tea:

Green tea can truly increase the insulin sensitivity hence reduces the blood sugar levels. A scientific study found that the individuals who drank organic green tea had 42% lower the risk of type-2-diabetes. In fact, taking about general diabetic reduction, a study on almost 3 lakh people was conducted. It came with the percentage of 18% of the individuals with lower risk of diabetes of both types.

2. Bioactive Components in Green Tea:

Green tea is overloaded with polyphenols like catechins and flavonoids, which are the powerful antioxidants. While one of the foremost potent elements of green tea is an antioxidant called EGCG, or epigallocatchin-3-gallate. This has been found to treat various diseases and will be the key to green tea’s several healthy advantages.

3. Advance Your Brain Functioning with Green Tea:

As green tea contains caffeine, drinking it will improve concentration and focus. A cup of green tea doesn't contain the maximum amount caffeine as the coffee got. However, creating it less possible to leave you with the jitters and — if you’re somebody like me — the heart palpitations to travel beside it.

Apart from the caffeine, green tea comprises of an amino acid named as L-theanine. This amino acid is able to cross the blood to brain barrier by relating with the brain itself for openly affecting the central nervous system. This could intensify the action of the inhibitory neurotransmitter GABA. It enhances the dopamine — (the chemical for good feeling sensation) — serotonin level, along with the alpha waves in the brain. L-theanine and Caffeine work synergistically. While this pairing is proved to be chiefly good to improve brain functioning. I am beginning to wonder that why I do not have a searing mug of green tea beside me right tea - Green tea image

4. Antioxidants in Green Tea Reduces the Risk of Cancer:

The oxidative stress subsidies towards cancer development. On the other hand, consuming more antioxidants — green tea is full of them — is a way to protect and combat against this damage. As this is revealed through a scientific study that those individuals who drink organic green tea daily, they got 22% less risk for the development of cancer in their body. Another study documented that those men who take this tea on regular basis had a 48% lesser risk of getting prostate cancer. This cancer is considered to be the peak common cancer in men. A Chinese study found that those people who regularly drink this tea got 57% decreased risk of developing colorectal-cancer.

5. Boost Your Brain in Old Age with Green Tea:

Drinking organic green tea can advance your short-term memory. However more prominently it can defend your brain from neurological degenerative disorders such as Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s disease. These two diseases are well known to develop most commonly in old age.

Studies accompanied in animal models and test tubes have revealed that the catechin components in green tea can impart some defensive effects on neurons. They possibly depress the risk of the development of above-mentioned diseases.

6. Anti- Bacterial Action of Green Tea:

Catechins present in green tea can do more than just combat against some diseases. Some researchers have revealed that Catechins in this tea can essentially kill harmful bacteria. This also prevents viral attacks that in turn can lower the risk of infections. Other studies illustrate that how this tea can even fight against bad breath. It does this by killing the certain bacteria which causes bad smell from mouth.

7. Green Tea Improves Heart Functioning:

The cardiovascular impairment, such as heart strokes and other ailments always remain the foremost causes of death around the world. While green tea can effort beside some of the chief risk factors which lead to cardiovascular diseases.

Green tea radically escalates the antioxidant contents in the blood; this defends the LDL cholesterol components from unnecessary oxidation. This needless oxidation play chief role for the development of heart disease. People who drink this tea regularly could have about 28% reduced risk of developing heart problems, in fact. Thustea helps in the strengthening of your heart by keeping it tea - Green tea image

8. Burn Your Extra Fat Through Green Tea:

Getting fatter? No need to worry about! Because this green tea will surely help you a lot to get you rid of your body’s excess fat. Some human trials have revealed that the organic green tea promotes the fat burning by improving the metabolic rate. In fact, green tea augments the energy expenditure by 4% when experimented with ten healthy persons. In another study, it was stated that this tea extract increases the fat oxidation by 17% in healthy individuals.

9. Live Longer With Green Tea:

By having a look over above-mentioned benefits and disease-combating effects of green tea, you could easily estimate its importance. Above evidences easily illustrates that how positively the organic green tea could make you live longer. Additionally, as a part of speech, it provides you with healthy life without giving any harmful effect. Strangely enough, some other research studies also showed that the organic green tea directly has the positive influence on morality character.

A study directed on above 40 thousand Japanese adults presented. This revealed that those who have taken green tea, they were expressively less probable to die in the period of 11 years. This was the result as compared to those who did not take it. Another study again accompanied in Japan over about 14000 mature individuals between the ages of 65-85 years. So, this reflects that those who have taken the green tea daily basis were less likely to die. The numeric results revealed that they were less prone to die by 76% through the study period of 6-years.


Given all of the material listed above, it surely couldn’t hurt to get start drinking green tea! But be sure to pick a high-quality organic brand to prevent from pesticide experience. Hence by this, you can decrease your ingesting of fluoride, which is nearly always found in tea - Green tea image

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