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Google Will Open Own Retail Stores in 2013 in United States

Google Will Open Own Retail Stores in 2013 in United States

by Naveed A LodhiMay 4, 2014

If Apple and Microsoft have their own retail stores, why Google is also not open the item for corporate sales under its own brand?

According to the resource 9to5 Google, received information from a very “informed sources”, the search giant will open in the U.S. own flagship stores. They can be bought “Google Phoney” and tablets Nexus, and in the near future, augmented reality glasses Google Glass.

By the way, thanks to Google Glass glasses idea of opening of shops in which the consumer will be able to see firsthand the benefits of a new product search giant.

Of course, in retail stores and will be available software products, as well as to look at the products Google X Lab, already under development, including self-managed vehicles that are experts predict, will be available in the next five years.

Note that the idea of a retail empire Google is a bit far-fetched, given that most of the revenue the company gets from online advertising, although the increase in sales of devices on Android and Chrome OS, of course, will contribute to the further growth of consumption of Internet traffic.

However, to date, Google executives have denied plans to open a retail chain. In December 2012, the head of Google Shopping Sameer Samat said in an interview with the resource All Things D, that the company has “no desire to open a shop.”

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