April 23, 2014

Google top manager gets rid of 42% of the company

Google chairman Eric Schmidt plans to sell 42% of its shares in the company. The approximate value of the shares is estimated at 2.51 billion dollars, reports Reuters. The total number of shares of Class A, which intends to get rid of the top manager of Google, is 3.2 million. Only top manager owns 7.6 million shares of Google Class A and B, representing 2.3% of the total shares Google.

Not to create panic in the market, the sale of shares in the company will continue throughout 2013. Reasons for E.Shmidt whose status Forbes magazine estimates at 6.9 billion, plans to sell its shares, is not disclosed.

Experts believe that the sale of shares E.Shmidta indicates an intention to change its relationship with Google. "My idea was that the relationship with Eric Google is entering a new phase. I think he wants to diversify its assets and career. Believe that they already have ideas about what he would do with the proceeds," - said one of the analysts.

It should be noted that on Friday, February 8, in the course of trading price per share Google has reached a historic high, amounting to $ 785.37 (for comparison, in an initial public on the stock exchange in 2004, one share was worth only $ 85)

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