June 21, 2016

Google Text Ads Expansion: New Trend for Boosting Revenue

Among many of the other changes that were announced by Google recently is the expansion of text ads. Though it is not a significant change, it is a change that one should be aware of. Before diving our concentration into the change announced, let us first make ourselves clear what a text ad is?

Text Ad

Text Ad is a brief description of a product or any service. It contains a link to the main website of which the ad is being displayed. On the top of the ad, there is a title that is clickable, and it leads to the main web page. Below the title, there are two to three lines that give the gist of what the ad is about and what the main website deals with. The actual address of the website is shown on the bottom of the ad in green color.

Now let us concentrate on what is this New Expanded Text Ad?

Expanded Text Ad

They are two times bigger than the currently existing text ads. They are launched to make the performance better on currently penetrated platform in the market i.e. mobile phones. As they have now increased from their conventional size better headlines that will be captivating can be generated. Apart from headlines, there will also be space for giving some more description about product/service. Setting up the expanded text ads is not a difficult thing, you can setup the expanded ads in less than 5 minutes.

As this is targeting mobile phone platform and according to recent trends whatsoever grabs audience in mobiles will also be able to sustain its desktop version.

The major advantage that expanded text is bringing is that it will be available and visible on all the devices. Moreover, above all the text will adjust automatically according to the size of the device.

What is the reason of this change?

The quest that brought Google to come up with this change is that how will it be to generate the Ad Words for mobile phones. What brought Google toward this change? The reason is the mobile phones have completely penetrated today’s world. It is clearly evident because most of the searches are done on mobile phones. Yes! Smartphones have dominated all other platforms.

Google started to bring out this change by changing right side ads that used to appear on the desktop. This enabled the expansion of headlines that came in 2011.

How expanded text ads are different from normal text ads?

From the current ad words, expanded text ads are two times bigger. That is approximately 47% bigger than the conventional text ads.

A space for a total of 140 characters is now available that was previously 25-35 characters. However, Twitter has not made any decision about this change of increasing the character limit. Below is some more details about the changes in the expanded text ads.

Changes in Google Expandable Text Ads

Look of the new Text Ads

Below is the comparison picture of the old and new version of Text Ads.

Example of Google Expanded / Expandable Text Ad

Expansion of headlines

Expanded text ads will come later on this year will have the capacity of having two headlines of 30 characters. Currently, there is the capacity of 25 characters in headlines. So approximately headlines have increased up to 140%.

Expansion of description

In the expanded version approximately 14% increase in description will be evident. Currently, advertisers can have two description lines each of which has 35 characters. In expanded version there will be description line of 80 characters.

Increased Click-Through Rate

Now the point comes that changing the conventional text ads will change the click through rate or not?? The answer is obviously YES. This is because expanded text ads will have more text that will increase visibility. Visibility will drive more audience toward the ads. Ultimately the click through rate will increase. DynamicCreative Reports also have show that click through rate will increase up to 20% by expanded text ads.

Reports have shown that if contact details like contact numbers are added to ads, this increases click through rate. As the expanded headlines and description will have more text so from the studies, it can be assumed that CTR will increase.

This change will be better for both publishers and advertisers. Advertisers can put more information in the text format, but in my opinion, the competition for Expanded Text Ads will be high than normal text ads, so this will ultimately be a beneficial thing for website publishers.

How to cope up with the coming change?

So what you should be doing to go along with this change? The answer is to focus on quality standards. Quality is already among the prime matrices, but now it is the time to make it even more important.

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