May 6, 2014

Google Started Set of Test Points

Google opened a competitive recruitment test Glass - augmented reality glasses, which the company introduced in 2012. On the set according to the website dedicated to the device.

Who wants to become a test must meet a number of conditions : first, to reside in the United States, and second, over the age of seventeen, and thirdly, to be ready to buy glasses for fifteen hundred dollars. Free copies of the test scores are not provided.

Applicants are asked to write a short (no more than fifty words) story on "What would I have done if I had glasses." For stories you can attach a photo or video. The story goes on the social network Twitter or Google+, accompanying it with the hashtag # ifihadglass.

Entries to the competition are accepted until February 27. C authors of the best stories contacted by Google. Points can be collected only in person, devices are issued in three U.S. cities - New York, San Francisco and Los Angeles.

Along with the announcement of a set of test, Google released new photos glasses and released a video with a story about their capabilities.

Judging from the video, users will interact with the device mainly voice. Before you give the team points, it must be said «OK Glass». Glasses can record video and take pictures, they can be used to exchange messages with your friends and engage in video chats, and they are capable of displaying the weather and flight information and provide prompts.

Glass is also able to search the web, referring to appropriate services Google. In a demonstration video, users, for example, ask the points to find pictures of tigers or ask how will Thai "is good." All information is displayed in the field of view in the upper right corner.

Images from Google Glass

Points Google (despite the name, optical glasses in the device not) have a miniature transparent screen. Displayed on the information is superimposed on the picture of the world, what the user sees, so Glass called "augmented reality glasses." The device is running Android, and to access the Internet using a smartphone or tablet.

The first pre-orders for glasses Google took the developers attending the conference I / O (it was held in June 2012), and since then new requests from those who want to try out the device is not accepted. Deliveries of the first pre-release points Google expects to begin in the first half of 2013.

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