Google Showed the World; Google Talking Shoes


As stated many times in this blog as well, Google is always way a head in innovations in technology. At the SXSW conference in Texas, Google showed Google Talking Shoes – unusual prototype “smart” footwear which can communicate with the owner, to give him advice or guidance. Google itself has developed technical stuffing shoes and the necessary software, themselves stitched sneakers Adidas.

Google Talking Shoes

“Google Talking Shoes Future” recognizes approximately 250 portions and has a large number of different sensors. Different moods interprets different characters – some, for example, is programmed to be a bit grumpy when the owner is lazy. Others, by contrast, “positive” motivate their holders to move more and exercise. The device is controlled by a special board called Arduino, under lacing.

Google Talking Shoes is with built-in speakers which has a very decent power backup. If you want, you can plug your shoes Bluetooth to Android-smartphone, or even the Google Glasses, and then share their sporting achievements with friends in social networks. The Google Talking Shoes is manufactured with accelerometer, gyro and pressure sensors.

Google Shoes are able to adapt to the way of life of its possessor. For example, the athletes they will put forward a much more severe requirements than for ordinary people.

On the development of unusual shoes worked a team of Google employees led by Aman Govila. “Our project aims to translate the presentation of Silicon Valley technology to something that can be advertising,” – quoted  his TechCrunch.