Google shares reached a high record, Eric Schmidt will sell part of its stake for $ 2.5 billion


Google chairman Eric Schmidt plans to sell a little over 40% of its shares in the company, reports the Associated Press .

The deal Schmidt will receive about $ 2.5 billion

On Friday, one Google sold securities at the close of trading at $ 785.37, gaining $ 11.42. During the day, however, the share price reached $ 786.67 – the highest figure since the IPO in August 2004.

In spring 2011, Schmidt resigned as CEO Google. This was succeeded by Larry Page. Schmidt, being the chairman of the board of directors, is involved with the corporation . In particular, he recently visited the DPRK. Some time later, after a visit to Pyongyang Schmidt North Korea appeared on Google Maps.

Google claims that Schmidt plans to sell part of its stake, “are part of its long-term strategy.” “This is a routine asset diversification, and Erik will remain in the company”, – quotes The Wall Street Journal representative Internet giant.

Forbes, as of March last year, Schmidt estimates the state $ 6.9 billion in this way, in the world ranking of billionaires, he was the 138 th line. Now Schmidt of 2.3% of Google, after the deal, he will remain the owner of 1.3% of the shares of the corporation.