Google Secretly Keeps Users Pictures in Cloud


This somewhat frightening feature is found in the application Google Photos App – it sends photos to the cloud, even if it is removed, according to The Hacker News.

It turns out that the program is completely distant and Google Photos will continue to run in the background, hidden from the owner of the device on Android, it upload photos from your phone to Google.

Unpleasant, moreover – a terrifying surprise from developers discovered from the editor Nashville Business Journal, David Arnott. After uninstalling Google Photos on your phone Samsung, and after some time suddenly you will find personal photos that were on your device to the cloud storage service.

Arnott even took the demo video, which shows how the image of a coffee mug made ​​by telephone, it is synchronized with your account on the Internet. According to the journalist, he found a whole ton of pictures in the “cloud,” although “they were completely deleted” from the mobile application. Synchronization occurs anyway at the time when the phone is connected to Wi-Fi.

This synchronization is sometimes useful and good in case you lost your mobile, or your smartphone crashed. Your data is saved on the Google Cloud.

It should be added that the author notes on The Hacker News also checked whether this is so, and confirmed the words of his colleagues at the Nashville Business Journal. It’s frustrating and scary at the same time, adds the author of the verdict.

Meanwhile itself “Corporation goodness” answered the journalists’ questions and advised users to disable the sync – or settings for Google Photos, or smartphone settings for service called Google Play, if the program has already been removed.

A few days ago, and still other programs from the official store for Android applications have been rightly suspected of violating the privacy of users. Mobile programs that users have installed Android-devices, stealing logins and passwords for the accounts to Facebook. Applications are available in the Google Play and even are downloaded by a huge number of users. In particular, the program established a Cowboy Adventure on their gadgets, according to rough estimates, from 500 thousand up to 1 million people installed the programs. Another dangerous game – Jump Chess was less popular (from 1 thousand up to 5 thousand users) and these and the other softwares were introduced in the online store for free download, which are dangerous for users who don’t know what is safe or what is not for android platform.