May 10, 2014

Google Released the First Chrome OS Powerful Laptop Platform

Google has released branded laptop Chromebook Pixel-based operating system, Chrome OS , which has a much higher performance compared with the other devices on this platform, the company said.

Google Released the First Chrome OS Powerful Laptop Platform

© AFP 2013 / Glenn Chapman

The first computer-based Chrome OS, submitted under the name Google, aimed at a completely different niche than is manufactured by Samsung, Acer, Lenovo and HP laptops budget, acting mainly as a supplement to the main computer. "Chromebook Pixel combines the best hardware, software, design, inspiring a new generation Chromebook", - the report says Google.

The main feature of the Chromebook Pixel, which was reflected in the title, is a touch-screen display, which has no analogues in notebooks on the picture clarity.At 12.85 inches diagonal it has a resolution of 2560 by 1700 pixels, with a density of 239 pixels per inch. Leading on this indicator laptop Apple MacBook Pro 13-inch Retina (non-touch control) has a density of 227 pixels per inch.

As a central processor dual core laptop supports Intel Core i5 1.8 GHz, RAM is 4GB. The volume of solid state drive - 32 or 64 GB, depending on the version of the device. Chromebook Pixel already available for order in the U.S. and the UK at a price of 1299 dollars for the base model and 1449 dollars for the version with integrated cellular LTE.

Google Chrome OS difference from traditional operating systems is its orientation to work primarily with online services - so far this platform has not won wide popularity. Therefore, many market analysts have expressed bewilderment about the target audience of buyers Pixel. In contrast to the budget worth 200-300 dollars, the new product from Google is difficult to attribute to the category of "impulse buying," says TechCrunch.

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