April 3, 2013

Google Release Second Generation Tablet Nexus 7 in July

RIA Novosti. Google, continuing the strategy of strengthening the market of inexpensive mobile devices, has released the second generation of a Seven-Inches Android-Tablet Nexus 7 tentatively in July of this year, Reuters reported, citing informed sources.

Google is already getting a good market from Android technology, but Nexus has given a boost to the said market.

Google introduced a 7-inch Android-tablet Nexus 7.

Image from: ria.ru

The first version of Nexus 7, which is manufactured by Google for Asus, was introduced in June 2012. The starting price of $ 200 device has helped the company to attract the attention of customers - so, U.S. retailers sold the first batch of Nexus 7 in the first days after its debut. Officially, Google has not disclosed sales figures of the device, but in November, Asus CFO David Chang said that the pace of sales Nexus 7 closed to 1 million in a month.

According to sources, Reuters, Google is planning to put on the market about 6-8 million Nexus 7 in the second half of this year, thereby throwing a challenge to competitors - Amazon on the tablet Kindle Fire, Apple iPad mini with both. According to unofficial data, Google has not yet determined the price of the device, but will be expected to sell it for $ 199, and the first version - discounted to $ 149.

The second-generation Nexus 7 will have a higher resolution screen, is more subtle, and is expected to be driven by a Snapdragon processor from Qualcomm, although in the first version had a chip Nvidia Tegra 3, sources say. According to them, this choice is due to more energy efficient chipset from Qualcomm. Company Google, Asus and Qualcomm none of them have commented about the possible release expectation.

Currently, the main source of income is the Google Online Advertising (via Google Adwords and Google Adsense), but the Internet giant is actively developing the production of mobile devices, to eventually form a single infrastructure "Device Service Provider." Similar strategy of trying to use a number of other players in the market - the online retailer Amazon and software development corporation Microsoft.

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