May 21, 2014

Google is Going to Purchase Twitch

Sources say that we should soon expect a forthcoming announcement that gaming video streaming service Twitch was acquired by Google. Sale price for Twitch, as they say, was $1 billion, but at the moment it's not officially confirmed. Twitch is the first gaming video streaming platform through which players show their skills and participate in tournaments which increase interest in viewers to buy that game.

It is also said that while the deal with Google is still being finalized, Microsoft lost its chance to purchase the streaming service, as Google simply outbid it. Microsoft, Yahoo and Google are the main competing search engine giants which are always trying to get their hands on each and every striking idea to get hold over it. Google apparently believes that Twitch will go well with YouTube and other services that are in the Google Apps empire.

It is unknown whether to keep your branding Twitch independence from the "mother ship" Google, but rumors say that it is one of the sticking points that still inhibits closing of the transaction. Expect to hear more about the deal in the coming weeks, but nothing is said to be coming from Yahoo for this deal. They might be looking for some other option to get monopolistic in that particular field. It can be expected from any of the major websites or software giants to step into the deal and gather the particular gaming resources directly. Every IT industry is looking for a breakthrough to get on the top of internet world even it costs fortune in the course.

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